KOHLAS, the specialist of elastomers for medical applications

French manufacturer, KOHLAS is the specialist of elastomers for medical applications. Our employees have a long standing experience in positionning devices and in patient comfort devices. The company works directly with more than 300 hospitals in France.

We guarantee our entire production between 2 and 5 years and all our products benefits from the EC label in compliance with the Health Directive 93/42/EEC. Everything is produced from high quality raw materials that are hypoallergenic but also phthalate and latex free.

In addition, KOHLAS has set up a traceability of the entire production and works on its Quality Insurance to be certified ISO 13485 (ISO 900 for medical devices) by 2017.

KOHLAS, a production almost exclusively French from mainly French raw materials

Located in the Rhône-Alpes region, in the east of Lyon, the 300m2 facility is located in a business park in Venissieux. There, most of the production is manufactured from raw materials that are mainly of French origin.

KOHLAS performs essentially 3 types of manufacturing:
  • The manufacturing of foams based devices whose viscoelastic foam shape memory for VICO'KARE and VISCO'CONFORT familly products,
  • The manufacturing of microbeads based devices for POLY'KARE range or silicone hollow fibers FIBRO'KARE familly products.

KOHLAS also manufactures any custom devices with gels, memory foams and high resilience foams of different hardness depending on the needs of the practitioner. With VISCO'CONFORT we can repair any hold, support or accessory.

KOHLAS, a constantly improving sustainable development approach that was set-up since the creation of the company

Aware of its environmental impact, KOHLAS has implemented a sustainability approach in 2012 and this process is subject to continuous improvement:
  • Compliance of all the raw materials that comply with the REACH Directive,
  • Use of sustainable raw materials whenever possible: "green" foams and solvent free water-based glue,
  • Selective sorting in offices and production zone,
  • Treatment of wastes and products sent by customers in compliance with the Environment Code by a company specialised in the treatment of DIB: TREDI the company in Saint Vulbas in the region of Ain,
  • Reorganisation the shipping chain and use of lightweight packaging to reduce CO2 emissions during transport,
  • Systematic use of the least impactful communication mean: electronic communication, targeting needs of prospects and customers by the sales department, reduction of printed supports.

KOHLAS, developing reusable and durable products to fight planned obsolescence

Many products even in hospitals, are disposable and/or fragile. Sometime spare parts are simply not sold by manufacturers.

Thanks to its experience and its regular contact with the hospital's staff KOHLAS innovates and offers sustainable solutions: We work closely with you to innovate and find solutions to your problems with sustainable and profitable solutions. By this policy KOHLAS is a real partner of the medical community.