Mattress and positioning accessories for urology

Thanks to the frequent contacts with the medical comunity and its expertise in the implementation of viscoelastic foams, KOHLAS innovates and proposes mattresses and positioning accessories for urology. Reusable, our products contributes to cost reuction and to a better control of budgets.

visco'confort shoulder rests for Trendelenburg position


No more shoulder pads, gutters, bandages or disposable mattress…
The TRENDKARE device is THE solution for surgery in Trendelenburg position.

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  Shape memory viscoelastic foam cushions for leg stirrups

Cushions for leg stirrups

Shape memory viscoelastic foam cushions for leg stirrups
It replaces any type of leg stirrup cushion, whatever its brand.

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Cleaning and disinfection of accessories for urology

The accessories for urology are covered with polyurethane coated fabric. Waterproof, even at seams, our devices do not "breathe" the surrounding air to then reject it when room are disinfected.

Lisse et résistant, le recouvrement des matelas et accessoires s'entretient facilement avec un chiffon net et propre imbibé de solution détergente ou de désinfectant de surface type AnioSafe. En cas de souillure importante, il peut être frotté, brossé et/ou immergé avant de le rincer à l'eau claire.

Compliance of the mattress and accessories for urology

Safe, all mattresses for operating tables, stretchers, examining tables… are formulated using only EC compliant components in accordance with Health Directive 93/42/EEC.