TRENDKARE device for surgery in Trendelenburg position

TRENDKARE device for surgery in Trendelenburg position   The TRENDKARE device is THE solution for patient positioning in Trendelenburg position. It was designed by KOHLAS for robotic surgery with renown french urology centers using the DA VINCI robot.

The TRENDKARE device consists of 3 non-structural pads that hold the patient steady for table angles of up to 45°:
  • The central head pad comes in full contact with the concavities of the neck and the trapezius muscle, efficiently holding the patient in place and maintaining the head in position.
  • The 2 lateral pads participate in the "speed bump" effect and ensure stable positioning of the patient weight along the axis of the spine.

Entirely adjustable to the morphology of the patient thanks to its pads fixed to a high resistance PVC plate by velcro, the TRENDKARE device is assembled rapidly by straps that are attached to the rails of the table. It is reusable, cleans and is easily sterilised thanks to its waterproof neoprene cover.

The TRENDKARE device is manufactured from a 35kg/m3 high resilience foam core. It is covered with a 10mm thick layer of cross-linked polyurethane viscoelastic gel that provide both, flexibility and elastic properties. Combined with the anatomical shape, the non-structural design prevents brachial plexus damages.

Reference Designation Sizes  ( cm )

Installation of the TRENDKARE




HR 35 grade foam core with 10mm thick polyurethane cross-linked viscoelastic upper layer


4mm thick neoprene cover
High frequency sealing, fluid-proof seams

Cleaning instructions

Clean cloth with detergent or disinfectant such as Aniosafe
Resists wiping, rubbing and thorough rinsing under running water in case of severe soiling


Formulated using only EC compliant components in accordance with Health Directive 93/42/EEC
Registration number: B1 01371-96