Stryker, Acime Frame, Hill-Rom, Corona, ICare… Our mattresses for stretchers fits all models, whatever the brand

mattresses for stretchers in viscoelastic shape memory foam   With 4 standard references the VISCO'CONFORT mattresses for stretchers can replace any used mattress of your park regardless of the brand and the model: Stryker, Acime Frame, Hill-Rom, Corona, ICare…

All our VISCO'CONFORT mattresses for stretchers are:
  • Radiolucent
  • A removable cover made of polyurethane coated fabric that is slideproof,
  • Attached thanks to velcro present on the lower face of the mattress,
  • Adapted to patients up to 150 kg (also exist in a version for patients over 150 kg),
  • Easily dru cleaned,
  • M1 fire classified.

A bedsore prevention mattress in viscoelastic shape memory foam

Especially designed for emergency, where waiting time can be long, the VISCO'CONFORT mattresses for stretchers have been designed thinking of the patients. With a high resilience foam base, they possess a viscoelastic shape memory foam upper layer.

The layer of shape memory foam provides better distribution of contact pressures. It prevents the appearance of bedsores for patients with moderate risk level. The high resilience foam base give a steady support that fits normal and high weight patients.

Sizes  ( cm )
190 x 62 x 10
190 x 66 x 10
190 x 72 x 10
190 x 76 x 10




Upper layer of viscoelastic shape memory foam on a base of 35kg/m3 high resilience foam


Polyurethane coated fabric
Fluid-proof seams

Cleaning instructions

Clean cloth with detergent or disinfectant such as Aniosafe
Resists wiping, rubbing and thorough rinsing under running water in case of severe soiling


Formulated using only EC compliant components in accordance with Health Directive 93/42/EEC