Renovation of Goepel leg support

renovation of Goepel leg support   Thanks to our GEL'PAD technology, we proceed to the renovation and of Goepel leg support. Keeping only the metal structure, we repalce the existing filling with new viscoelastic shape memory foam that we cover with a 4mm thick neoprene enveloppe.

The final product is of high quality. Compared to standard products consisting of a very hard shell with Velcro fasteners and interlocking that are difficult to clean and disinfect, our GEL'PAD, fully sealed, is easy to clean and disinfect.

In addition, we offer a 3 years warranty on our Goepel leg supports!

Reference Designation Sizes
GP GO PM Goepel leg support Small
GP GO GM Large




Shape memory foam


4mm thick neoprene cover
Bonded fluid-proof seams

Cleaning instructions

Clean cloth with detergent or disinfectant such as Aniosafe
Resists wiping, rubbing and thorough rinsing under running water in case of severe soiling


Formulated using only EC compliant components in accordance with Health Directive 93/42/EEC