KOHLAS, French manufacturer of patient comfort devices

DDeveloped with an occupational therapist, the patient comfort devices proposed by KOHLAS offers a comprehensive line of cushions and accessories adressing positioning and care issues of dependent patients, but also their comfort, dependent patients.

Theses products are available in 3 different fillings Cette gamme est disponible en 3 garnitures différentes that all ensure easy and ergonomic positioning:
  • POLY'KARE: devices filled with polystyrene microbeads
  • FIBRO'KARE: devices filled with polyester hollow fibers
  • VISCO'KARE: devices molded in viscoelastic shape memory foam

KOHLAS proposes 2 main categories of patient comfort devices:

A SANITIZED® and AG+ treated removable cover for improved microbial control

All patient positioning devices manufactured by KOHLAS come with a removable cover that received a double treatment: SANITIZED® and AG+. The latter progressively and sustainably releases silver ions that will inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

Covers are also waterproof, waterproof and slip-proof. Permeable to water vapor, they avoid maceration.

Compliance of the POLY'KARE, FIBRO'KARE and VISCO'KARE products

Safe, all POLY'KARE, FIBRO'KARE and VISCO'KARE products are formulated using only EC compliant components in accordance with Health Directive 93/42/EEC.