Unbreakable Quenu splint

unbreakable Quenu splint   The unbreakable Quenu splint is very useful for long operations. It is placed under the surgery table for patients' arms and legs positioning. It provides optimal comfort for patients and surgeons!

Why choose the KOHLAS Quenu splint:

  • A high-resistance PVC structure
    The radio-transparent splint is unbreakable thanks to its special PVC component.

  • A detachable memory foam cushion
    The 10mm thick memory foam cushion brings optimal pressure distribution, it reduces stress on muscles and skin.

  • A Silverguard-treated polyurethane cover
    The cushion cover is manufactured in phthalate and formaldehyde free polyurethane. The fabric has bonded seams that are fluid-proof. Besides it is Silverguard-treated and provides antimicrobial protection for the Quenu splint.

Reference Designation Sizes  ( cm )
GQA 03 Quenu splint 40 x 30

Specific requirements

Custom formulations and sizes are possible to suit doctors' specific needs. Please, contact us.




Radio-transparent high-resistance PVC


Cross-linked polyurethane viscoelastic gel
Rheology index between 80 and 90
Phtalate and latex free


SILVERGUARD®-treated polyurethane cover

Cleaning instructions

Clean cloth with detergent or disinfectant such as Aniosafe
Resists wiping, rubbing and thorough rinsing under running water in case of severe soiling


Formulated using only EC compliant components in accordance with Health Directive 93/42/EEC